I’ve Missed the Self-Assessment Tax Return Deadline – What Can I Do?

Hello February! Goodbye Tax Season!

The filing deadline for 2021/22 Tax Returns was last week – midnight on 31st January 2023 but this doesn’t necessarily mean everyone has completed theirs.

If you have an outstanding tax return to file, you have just 3 months to do before HMRC issue you with a penalty fine. You’ll pay more the later it gets after that PLUS interest on anything you actually owe.

It can be a daunting task and one that many people put off, way past the HMRC deadline. Don’t put it off any longer – we’ll help you get it sorted quickly and efficiently.

Chat to an Expert at Moorgates

A member of the Moorgate tax team can help you get the all important numbers to HMRC as quickly as possible to avoid the fines and interest from growing.  And more importantly, you can stop worrying and start sleeping at night.

Please call us if you need help filing or even amending an existing return – we’d be happy to chat through any issues and find the best solution for you.

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