Payroll is the process by which a business pays it employees. It covers keeping records of payments, paying taxes to HMRC on behalf of the employees and distributing money.

As well as making sure your payments to your employees are accurate, you must ensure that the correct statutory deductions have been made from their salaries. It’s a key area of any business and it’s vital that it is carried out in accordance with current legislation.

Why Do I Need To Run Payroll?

If you are a limited company, you will need to run payroll for all employees, including yourself and any other directors, as you are classed as employees of the business.

Whether you’re a limited company, a sole trader, or a partnership, anyone with a contract of employment is usually classed as an employee and payroll must be completed for them.

What Do Moorgate Offer?

Our team are able to offer a full and flexible approach to payroll services, from a basic Directors payroll scheme to a full service payroll for multiple employees.

Day-to-day payroll services takes care of payslips, tax codes, SMP & SPP, starters and leavers, Tax and NI deductions and tax rebates.

We can also set-up and run your auto-enrolment pension scheme and we have in-house CIS experts for both withheld and deducted CIS schemes.

With full agent access on HMRC we can take care of it all.

Why Choose Moorgate?

We’re the team helping you to serve your team! Running an efficient and accurate payroll can be time consuming and complicated. With the implementation of real time Information, HMRC require information on or before the date of payment to the employee. Outsourcing is less stressful & more efficient, plus it delivers better results & improves employee satisfaction.

Trust Moorgate for Expertise & Efficiency

Maria and Jo make up our in-house payroll professionals. Handing your payroll over to an expert supports your growing business, giving you back precious time to concentrate on what you’re good at. Have confidence that the process is in safe hands. No need to worry about fast changing legislation or compliance – we can take care of it all.

Great payroll is powered by expert knowledge and efficient software. At Moorgate, we have both in abundance. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to professional paperwork.

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